Pierre-Antoine Pluvinage, aged 42, assumed his new role as Associate General Manager of Cambox in October. With over fifteen years at ARMOR GROUP, he embarked on the Cambox venture, determined and ambitious.

Action cameras CEO Pierre-Antoine Pluvinage
Pierre-Antoine Pluvinage

 A remarkable career path

Holding a Master’s in Strategic Marketing & International Trade, Pierre-Antoine Pluvinage began his career with international experiences in England and the United States. In 2006, he joined ARMOR GROUP where he held various strategic and managerial positions. He later founded KIMYA, a group subsidiary specialized in industrial 3D printing, which he co-directed and expanded nationally and internationally for eight years. Fortified by a wealth of entrepreneurial experiences, “PAP” stands out as a seasoned business development expert.

Pierre-Antoine Pluvinage, Cambox’s new Associate General Manager

While looking for a new challenge this summer, Pierre-Antoine crossed paths with Cambox and its founding president, Jean-Marc Piednoir. Immediately, a connection formed between the two, and Pierre-Antoine was captivated by our concept of helmet cameras. He decided to join the adventure as General Manager and even became an associate by investing in the company’s capital, expressing his confidence in the project. In his initial weeks, he infused Cambox with numerous ideas to expand the business coupled with his enthusiasm, as evidenced by his words :

“I am delighted to join the Cambox team. Our shared ambition is to develop a ‘glocal’ business model : leveraging expertise and mastery of ‘Made in France’ electronics in Nantes, west of France, with production and assembly centers located close to the markets we address.”

Just arrived, already envisioning considerable goals

Pierre-Antoine is outspoken about Cambox’s development plan. With his many ideas, he harbors lofty ambitions and firmly believes in the team’s capabilities to achieve them.

“We are about to open a new production unit in the United Kingdom, and ‘stores’ in the United States and Australia are expected in 2024/2025. Our objective is clear: to increase our production volume and revenue tenfold by 2026 through this model that drives growth, with exclusive partners per country in the form of concessions (for sales and production) investing in our ‘glocal’ model.”

To achieve these ambitions, Cambox initiated an initial fundraising of €740k this fall to finance its expansion and intends to replicate this process in 2024, on a much larger scale.
His arrival has not gone unnoticed by the media (Le Journal des Entreprises, the API agency, CF News, Informateur judiciaire…).

Therefore, Pierre-Antoine joins Cambox to support Jean-Marc in the company’s leadership, especially in regards to strategy and finance, business development, marketing, and human resource management. We are thrilled to welcome him and are confident he will help Cambox reach new heights.

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