Can you introduce yourself ?

I am Joshua Smith, I am from UK. I do karting and I race in Junior Rotax.

For how long have you been karting ?

Since 2017. I was then racing rental karts, that you rent for an hour or so, go out and do your thing ! Now, since 2019, I have got my very own kart.

Where does this passion for karting come from ?

It all started when I was very young, probably around 3. So we had this off-road go-kart which me and my dad used to go out in the back garden in, and just drive and have lots of fun. And I just started to love falling off with motorsports and the mechanics side and everything really. And yeah, that is when he found out about Red Lodge (local track) and we went and gave it a try. Which is how he found out about karting.

Besides karting or motorsports, do you have any other passion ?

Not really, no, karting is probably my main passion. I don’t mind a bit of football but I’d probably consider karting as the main passion for me.

So you wish to become a professional driver ?

Yeah, that’s the dream, that’s the aim, the goal.

For how long have you been using a Cambox and how did you get to know about the brand ? 

We got one this year, so not long ago. It must have been in March.

My friend Ollie does karting as well. We always wanted a helmet camera and he had one, a Cambox. So we asked him where did he get his from. He then talked about Cambox and we ordered one off the site.

What motivated you in buying a Cambox ?

We had a GoPro but we thought it would be better if you had a camera that could record where the driver is looking, what the driver is doing… when you have the Cambox in the helmet, you can see where they are looking, what they’re doing. So it is a much better view.

Good transition to the next question, what do you use the Cambox footages for ?

Like I said, mainly to see where the driver is looking, sort of like first-person view where the Go Pro is like third-person, like it is more away from you. 

With the Cambox you can also hear what the driver is saying, if they are distracted something like that.

In 2023, what are your goals, what do you want to achieve ?

We do hope to win the British Kart Championship, if not this year maybe next year. But we hope to win the championship at least because we compete in multiple championships and if we do no get one out of all of them, it is not ideal isn’t it ?

If we do not win the championship, we hope to achieve a top 10. There are more than 80 drivers, so top ten would be a good result

Why did you wish to become a Cambox ambassador ?

Me and my dad discussed it is a very good product to invest in where everyone is trying to figure  how to get one inside the helmet (and anything that has helmet : horse riding, motorsports, police, literally anything. If you can have, as I said earlier, first person view, it is better than anything else you  can find especially when it is that small to fit in unique areas like helmets. It is much better than the Go Pro And we thought that at some point, Cambox is going to grow. I would be then proud to be a brand ambassador.

Finally, what are the three words that would come to your mind when thinking about Cambox ?

Probably, unique, small and ideal